Leslie Odom Jr: Autumn Leaves

May of 2016,

I got a text from Leslie Odom Jr. asking if I was free to shoot a music video in Paris in 10 days. Stoked, I said yes, of course. That yes turned into conceptual phone calls, writing treatments, cancelling shooting in Paris, and eventually landing on shooting a New York love story featuring him and his wife in his debut music video. Having worked with Leslie prior on his self-produced Hamilton documentary, we had a chemistry that allowed us creative freedom within our limited window of shooting. After rescheduling 3 times, we finally landed on shooting everything June 13th, the day after Leslie won his Tony Award for Best Lead Actor in a Musical. Ambitious and exhausting, but worth it. 

Director/DP: Simon Reinert
Production Co: Borderlight Entertainment
Producer: Joseph Abate
AC: Nolan Maloney
Gaffer: Adam Richlin
Grip: Brian Bonacci
Art Director: Alvin Adadevoh
PA: Eric Budjnowski

Edit/Color: Simon Reinert

Stylist: Sam Spector
HMU: Goddess
Assistant: Hannah Juliano

Special Thanks:
Daniel Stewart
Khalid Motahseb
Hunter Baker
David Kruta
Dan DiFelice






Behind the Scenes